大学英语六级写作部分一直是考生获取高分的拦路虎,也是制约学生获取高分的瓶颈。要想打破这个瓶颈,在平时必须加强对写作技巧的练习,只有多练才能在考试中写出一篇好文章。 接下来小编告诉你背英语六级范文




Nowadays, Internet has become an indispensable part in our life, and we use it for various purposes, such as searching useful information and chatting online. However, now more and more people turn to the Internet for help whenever they have trouble in finding solutions to their problems, and this phenomenon has aroused the publics attention.


Relying on the Internet to solve all our difficulties can have bad impacts on us. On one hand, since we can always settle the troubles by searching solutions online, we can become very lazy and dont bother to think up answers by ourselves, which can hinder the development of creative thinking. On the other hand, the answers online may be inaccurate or wrong. If we use them without thinking the credibility of them, we may make serious mistakes someday.


As far as Im concerned, we shouldnt completely depend on the Internet to settle problems. When we come across some difficulties, wed better try our best to find possible solutions. If we make great efforts and still cant come up with an answer, then we can surf online to search solutions. But we should question the correctness of these answers before we adopt them.




Among all the highlighted topics, there is how to live a meaning life? Everyone has his or her own opinion. As the saying has it, the greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it. I cannot agree any more.


If our life is just to pursue something for ourselves, we will surely feel fruitless and meaningless when we grow old. From Steve Jobss bibliography, we can get that the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. Steve Jobs has brought a great many changes to our world. His life, although short, definitely outlast. Thats a life worth living.


Therefore, if there is a way to make my life meaningful, it should be to find something Im interested in and also helpful to others or the whole society. Only in this way can I keep my passion throughout my life until I finally fulfil my life.




In this long journey we call life, everybody is in pursuit of happiness and has their own interpretation of happiness. An inspiring idea is that happiness is not the absence of problems, but the ability to deal with them, which reveals the very truth about happiness. It cannot be achieved through waiting, but only through striving.


There is no way that life always progresses as we wish. Problems may occur and we find ourselves in trouble, but it doesnt mean we are deprived of happiness. There are numerous examples for us to follow: disabled people overcoming obstacles, patients fighting against disease, poverty-stricken people achieving their dreams -- all these inspiring heroes. Their lives are definitely not problem-free, but they have found happiness by courageously solving problems.


Therefore, it is essential to develop the ability to deal with problems. We need to muster our courage and confidence to face the fact. Meanwhile, we need to find effective ways to cope with them.


In a word, if we stay strong and approach problems effectively, there will be no storm in life that we cannot weather. And after the storm, happiness is within our reach.




In this part, you are to write a composition of no less than 150 words about College Graduates Work as Village Officials. You should write according to the outline given below. Please remember to write it clearly on the ANSWER SHEET.

Some college graduates choose to work as village officials.

1. Do you think it is a good idea?

2. What can they offer the countryside?

3. What can they gain from their village positions?


Nowadays, there is a growing tendency that college graduates in mounting numbers choose to work as village officials after graduation. Peoples attitudes towards this phenomenon differ sharply. Some hold the positive view while others are against it. From my perspective, I believe that it is a wise choice.

The reason why I support them can be listed as follows: on the one hand, college graduates can contribute a lot to the development of the countryside. Firstly, having received formal education and professional training in universities, college graduates can help peasants master advanced technology. Besides, by spreading and introducing new concepts, they can also accelerate the development of rural culture. Consequently, the gap between the city and the countryside can be gradually narrowed. On the other hand, college graduates themselves can also benefit a lot from being village officials. In the first place, working in rural areas with adverse environmental condition and lower living standard, they are more likely to foster a spirit of hard-working and independence. Moreover, compared with their peers competing for limited positions, those who work as village officials enjoy more opportunities and are more likely to bring their abilities and potential into full play.

Therefore, it is a win-win choice for college graduates to work as 因为欧美外教都是来自以英语为母语的国家,puying.org因为欧美外教都是来自以英语为母语的国家,village officials and more graduates should be encouraged to work in the countryside.

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